The French are famous for their seemingly effortless skincare routines and glowing skin. What makes French skincare so effective and desirable? Here we explore some of the reasons why you would want to incorporate French skincare products into your routine.


France has produced some of the best skincare, beauty, and anti-aging products over the years thanks to the research and development of their dermatological laboratories. They take skincare very seriously!

Some of the mantras that have made French skincare and beauty so famous are:

Quality over quantity!

Also known as “less is more”. Apply the best skincare products according to your skin type and the season. This makes your life a lot simpler as well as being a lot more effective than overstocking your bathroom shelf with hundreds of products. Too many ingredients may counteract each other and irritate the skin. Stick to less, and you’ll get more out of your routine.

Keep it natural and embrace your imperfections.

In France, beauty means looking natural. Instead of applying multiple layers of thick concealer, or going for products that give instant gratification, look at your skincare routine as a long-term commitment to your self-confidence and overall health. The French like to take their time (with most things) and this translates over to a more sustainable, healthier skincare routine. Embrace your imperfections and use more natural products, you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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Author James Shier

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