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BIO LOGICA Hyalu-Serum Face Serum 30ml

Biologica Hyalu-Serum is a high-density, pure and natural hyaluronic acid anti-ageing serum. It provides the most efficient combination of ingredients for moisturising, firming and treating wrinkles. Ideal for treating mature skin and for complementary use with aesthetic procedures.


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French laboratory INNODERM brings you BIO LOGICA Hyalu-Serum, an innovative, patented second-generation 1% hyaluronic acid serum that’s 100% natural and safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Born from the latest advances in anti-aging Biotechnologies, this highly concentrated Hyaluronan gel serum contains pure native hyaluronic acid (HA) – a copy of the HA found in your skin so it is naturally compatible.

The ideal partner for your skin, use it after age 35, when the level of dermal HA begins to decline. It has a ‘second skin’ effect, optimising skin hydration by slowing the degradation of your own hyaluronic acid and helping with skin cell regeneration.

Suitable for all ages and all skin types, even the most sensitive.


Optimum efficiency to restore maximum youthfulness to your skin, without pain (no injections). It has a ‘second youth’ effect on your skin by renewing and regenerating the youth cells of your epidermis.

• It adds volume to the face and helps energise tired and dull skin.
• It has an incredible plumping action on dehydrated or damaged skin.
• Powerful action on maintaining water in the skin
• Powerful rebuilder for dull, irritated and damaged skin, acting as a natural dressing.
• BIO LOGICA is an excellent SOS product: it acts on redness, burns, irritation, superficial wounds or eczema with a quick and painless healing action, and is suitable for everyone.
• It is naturally anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and texturizing.
• Results: A skin extraordinarily smoothed and radiant with freshness.

BIO LOGICA contains no unnecessary ingredients.


• Dehydrated skin
• Loss of firmness
• Wrinkles and fine lines
• Reactive and very sensitive skins
• Preparation for cosmetic treatments (laser, peeling, IPL)
• Healing after therapeutic procedures
• As a supplement to dermal fillers


Laboratory tests were conducted by Professor MOREAU at the University Hospital of Marseille, EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC Laboratory, and Professor BOISNIC at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital.
The results are astounding:
87% improvement in skin moisture in 28 days
Decrease of 50% of the wrinkled surfaces on the face in 28 days.
In 10 years: 100% customer satisfaction (no after sales service, no refund)


For men, it can be used as an after-shave, eye contour treatment and face cream.
For women, it is used as a face cream, eye contour treatment and mask.
For teenagers, it is very effective against acne.

Apply 2 drops of gel twice a day to the whole face and neck and under the eyes with smoothing strokes.


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